QUANTEC®is the world leader in Instrumental Bio-Communication ​

Instrumental bio-communication: is the technique of building a physical device in such a way that it can simulate a biological system. The result: it can now receive information from other biological systems or pass it on to other systems. Biological organisms possess the ability to communicate with each other outside the realms of perception and measurement (bio-communication).

The interfaces: that enable a computer to communicate with biological systems are based partly on diodes that generate a white noise and partly on a process similar to the entanglement of twin photons.

The areas of application: for this technology are practically unlimited. QUANTEC® is currently the only device worldwide that has so successfully come to grips with these phenomena, long known to quantum physics, that they can purposefully be used in bio-communication.

QUANTEC®has properties that no other device has, either by itself or in this combination.

The White Noise Diode:

Quantec® is the most modern equipment with the greatest experience in using white noise diodes. All other devices on the market work with so-called pseudo random generators, which, as the name suggests, cannot interact with consciousness and morphic fields in the same way as the real generators. There are even scientific studies that show that the results obtained with Quantec® cannot be obtained at all without a White Noise Diode.

Twin Photons:

In addition to the scalar waves, Quantec® also transmits through a process that is based on the non-locality observed in quantum physics.

Automated Radionic Treatment:

Quantec®is currently the only device that can actually be proved to radiate target objects. Every therapy appointment is displayed on your screen and demonstrated before your very eyes.

Something Special:

Quantec® is now available, over 100,000 substances are available, it is the most widely used computer-aided system in the area of instrumental biocommunication, and it is the first system of its kind to be considered by a German university as worthy of testing in a scientific study. Quantec® is quite simply something special . . .

The Quantec® scan the human body’s energy field for disorders and communicate with biological systems are based partly on diodes that generate a white noise and partly on a process similar to the entanglement of twin photons.

More than 90% of Quantec® users are therapists, life coaches and energy practitioners, we are not allowed to make any statements about this field of application for legal reasons.

Freiburg University Hospital in Germany has decided to carry out a study on Quantec® and its quantum physical mode of action, and Quantec® have been awarded the Gold Medal for Best Health Care Support Product in Russia.

How does QUANTEC® work?

The Quantec® device analyses the Morphogenic Field surrounding a subject, identifies the deficiencies of the scanned field, and then rebalances these with radionic impulses which are reflected in the physical form of the subject. (Remember Morphogenic Fields are form making).

What is a Morphogenic or Morphic field?

In developmental biology, a morphogenetic field is a group of cells able to respond to discrete, localized biochemical signals leading to the development of specific morphological structures or organs.

Electromagnetic fields are measured with various forms of ohmmeters and other devices, but none of them measure or explain consciousness, the way thought can form the body and memory, the way an embryo develops and shapes itself, or the way birds fly in formation, etc.

Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist, postulated that there must exist what he called morphogenic fields – form making or organising fields that underlie all living systems.These Morphogenic fields connect a subject’s matter and create the patterns we see as coherent form, and have a major influence on the way the body shapes and repairs itself. Disturbances in this field will eventually reflect as disturbances in biochemistry and possibly as ill health.

For instance, the power of prayer has long been known to work and that over a distance and without the prayers needing to know the subject they are praying for. The idea of morphogenic fields allows one to conceptualise how this may work.

The Quantec® is one such device using the principles of Morphogenic fields and is the most recent development from the research done on radionics; showing the mind’s ability to influence machines. The relationship between the observer and what is observed is no longer in doubt, as Quantum Physics has clearly shown to be true.

Quantec® utilises the concept that even a person’s photograph carries information of that person and connects to the person. Treating the photograph (like the power of prayer) connects to the person and makes both analyses of the field imbalance and treatment possible. 


Almost every illness has a typical, psychic cause.  ‘Soma’ is Greek for ‘body’.  If the psyche loses its balance and harmony in a particular aspect, it psychosomatises it, it shows on the body where the problem lies. This is true for all people, all languages and cultures, with the same illnesses.

Is the “interpreter of the soul” and when interpreted correctly, can lead us on the path to healing.

Radionics with QUANTEC®

Living organisms are made up of living cells that emit light. These light emissions are called bio-photons – weak electromagnetic waves measurable only by sophisticated equipment.

The light emission is an expression of the functional state of the organism, be it human, animal or plant. These waves of electromagnetic emissions create an electromagnetic (or morphic) field around each and every organism.

These fields do not exist in isolation but rather merge into a collective global consciousness or intelligence, also termed the “spirit” of matter. All is interconnected.

Each light emission or bio photon has a twin photon which has been scientifically proven to maintain simultaneous contact with each other over any distance (telepathy): Twin Photons.

Everything has its own consciousness that can be scanned with diodes with White Noise and then be evaluated.

Radionics combined with state-of-the-art computer analysis and white noise, enable the Quantec® to:

  • Analyse energy imbalance/disease in a few minutes through a photo scan
  • Propose a treatment regimen (from its databases)
  • Target scheduled transmissions of prescribed vibrations to the recipient

What does QUANTEC® do?


Mind Machine Interaction

Quantec® is currently the only device worldwide that operates with the technology of the diode with white noise – proven to be a particularly good intermediary device between consciousness and machine (mind-machine interaction).

The White Noise generating Diode can be visualized as the old radio quartz valve and the noise of the diode can be compared with the sound emitted by a radio that is not tuned into a station – a cacophony of deep rumbles, high whistles and medium frequency hissing.

This noise changes, however, when it is connected with the consciousness and it is these changes which can be processed and interpreted by a computer.

The Quantec® scans individual fields of consciousness through a diode with white noise and connects the noise of the diode with its databases which contain vibrational information required for each treatment, such as affirmations, minerals, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture points, Bach flower remedies etc.

The Quantec® is currently the only device that has been proven scientifically to radiate target objects. The process does not require any physical contact with the subject.

The Quantec® assesses the energy imbalance of the subject and broadcast the required vibrations from its database of remedies/treatments to restore the balance in the target, (Human, plant soil, animal or water).

All that is required is a specimen or preferably a digital photograph, which is nothing more than the radiance of photons at a particular moment (light = photons).

The Quantec® analyses the image and recommends a treatment protocol. The vibrations of the treatment are transferred to the target object.

Everything has its own vibration, be it a homeopathic remedy, an affirmation, mineral etc. – energy is vibration.

The Quantec® is a state-of-the-art computer software system which, through the medium of white noise, combines computer analysis with radionics.

It restores the energy balance on a physical, mental and emotional level. This restoration process is achieved through 10 to 20 second broadcasts every 3 hours through the medium of white noise over a pre-determined period of days, weeks or months.

It can make use of any information, frequency or pathological depiction and can therefore be deployed by health practitioners, farmers, veterinarians and horticulturists.

Diodes with white noise interact with any form of consciousness and since everything has its own consciousness, everything can be scanned and evaluated.

Thus the conscious intent of desiring healing – restoration of energy balance – can be broadcasted to its target by the Quantec®.

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