Clavitherapy is:    

a reflex – biocybernetics, non-invasive, skin – internal method used in psychological and neurophysiological rehabilitation. It enables psychological and nervous acting out, relieves the stress imposed on the central and peripheral nervous system. It regulates the electric potentials of the body and restores the lost conduction of nervous impulses, which – together with the morphologically, hormonally and chemically disturbed blood – causes the increased susceptibility and even an enzymatic and metabolic collapse at the endogenous, subcellular level. Clavitherapy detoxifies and cleanses the human body. Within several days it regulates the nervous, digestive, enzymatic and hormonal systems for a full reconstitution of the blood, which in turn causes the healing proper in improving the condition of the suffering and disabled human. The therapeutic procedure is carried out with the use of clavicules (the Latin word clavus stands for a nail) or the omnipresent skewers and toothpicks (certified by the State Institute of Hygiene) by stimulating the surface of the skin, over the anatomy of the nervous system and on the biologically active zones and points, also the ones used in acupuncture, which results in self-regulation and self-healing. By psychotherapy and psychogenic action as well as stimulation and reflex-based neurophysiological and dermovisceral processes on the dermatome receptors and deeper, by neurochemical stimulation signal transmission to the neurotome, myotome, sclerotome, one can regulate the disturbed human body at the endogenous level by means of the nervous system in a precise and complementary manner. The precise biocybernetics steering via the nervous system of psychogenic and endogenous processes at the subcellular level results in the production of cytokines, the complement, interferon, endorphins and other endogenous factors to which conventional (academic) medicine has no restorative access yet in the sick human body.


From the beginning of human race , mankind struggled with ” infectious diseases”. We find information about different infectious diseases in descriptions from old civilizations like: Indian, Chinese, Babilonian, Egyptian. In The Old Testament there are information about “Leprosy”. Hipokrates (460-377 B.C.) for the first time introduced the term “Epidemy” in context of infectious diseases. In XVIII century Plenczicz advanced hypothesis about special germs. The true revolution in the field of infectious diseases, medical sciences owe to Jenner, Pasteur and Koch. Present medical science distinguishes such infectious factors as: bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Such chapters of medicine as : epidemiology, immunology, antibiotic therapy are connected with the science of infectious diseases.

Infectious diseases many times had decimated mankind and therefore effective treatment and prevention of infectious diseases were the aim of many prominent doctors and scientists. Ehrlich introduced Salvarsan (1910) for the treatment of syphilis, Penicillin discovered by Fleming in 1929 as well as Sulfonamides by Domagka in 1935 began revolutionary progress in treatment of infectious diseases. Penicillin was introduced to medical care in 1940r.

At present well-known are thousands of species of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites; from time to time scientists describe new pathogenic species of infectious factors. In last decade of XX century WHO declared XXI century as the age of infectious diseases. Mortality and morbidity of people from infectious diseases is still very high. In spite of more and more new preparations to fight infectious diseases it seems to be a special kind of competition between man and “germs”. Escaping through mutations, appearing new species of pathogenic microbes are challenges for medical science.

To date vaccinations are available to prevent only a few infectious diseases. Accessible pharmacological resources are effective in treatment of only some diseases and in many cases medicines work ( e.g. of AIDS) just to delay the progress of the disease. In other cases side effects of available preparations, often toxic, significantly limit possibility of their use. Costs of mass treatment of some diseases are so high, that there is no single state, who’s budget would be able to carry such financial burden.

According to the authors philosophical foundation, the universe maintains ideal equilibrium between “different phenomena”, therefore, if some disease exists there must be possibility of it’s curing too. Organism of human has most complex and subtle arrangement of immune system. Authors believe , that “properly functioning immune system” of man is strong enough to prevent and cure every infectious disease. However “properly functioning immune system” of man depends upon many factors such, as: gene, geographical origin – climate, level of living standard, level of hygiene, level of education, nutritional habits, drug addiction, culture and customs, psychosomatic condition. This is the reason why the sick person needs “treatment” and in case of infectious diseases resistance system demands “immunomodulation”.


Clavitherapy is a new diagnostic and therapeutic direction in Reflexology. The method was discovered in the sixties of XX century. Polish psychologist doctor Ferdynand Barbasiewicz is the father of this pioneer method. Mechanisms of Clavitherapy have scientific basis. To use this method in diagnosis and therapy, detail knowledge of anatomy of human nervous system and circulatory system, psychophysiology, neurology is mandatory. Scientific basis of this method differs it from acupunctures or acupressure. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of Claviterapy are noninvasive and to date there is no contraindication to this method except: severe long-lasting under-nutritional conditions of patient susceptible to enzymic and metabolic collapse as well as patients with cardiac pace-maker and after organ transplantation. From the observation of the results of Clavitherapy in patients it becomes clear that the method is highly effective in the treatment of nervous system disorders; among others: all kinds of pain – headache, rheumatoid pain, lumbago; vasomotor disorders like migraine, cold limbs; demyelination neuropathy; polyneuropathy; multiple sclerosis (MS), ischemic brain strokes; parkinsonism; functional disorders after neurosurgery, after accidents; movement disorders, defects like scoliosis. Promising results have been observed in the treatment of SLA (sclerosis lateralis amyotrophica), personality disorders, neurosis and in different infectious diseases.

Human organisms, animals and plants have ability of self-regulations of their function, self-restoration to health and sometimes self-regeneration of sick of even lost organs. Within thousands years of human existence on the earth mankind discovered many methods to help sick organism in fighting against diseases. At present widespread diagnostic and therapeutic methods are available like: official medicine, homeopathy, ayurveda, iridology, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, magic…. Even now we are ignorant of mechanisms how homeopathic drugs do really work! Though homeopathy is officially recognized, there is no laboratory proof of the therapeutic mechanisms of homeopathic drugs, but it does not overthrow, however the theoretical foundation of homeopathic method.

Some thousands years ago in China specific therapeutic system was constructed for the treatment of different illnesses by direct influence onto skin. In China it was named “medicine of fire and metal” meanwhile in Europe just in XIX – century the matter of skin-visceral dependence (reflexology) in treatment of diseases of internal organs was taken into account and named this “acupuncture.” This method works by needle sting of ” acupuncture points.” In present days on the basis of acupuncture, skin is treated by low temperature, electromagnetic field, acoustic waves, laser rays, electric currents, irritating substances etc. “Acupuncture” has been describing more and more new points on skin, which answer individual internal organs. Just such searches of new sensitive points of acupuncture on skin of man convinced the Polish scholar doctor Ferdynand Barbasiewicz to brilliant conclusion about “Total Acupuncture” that is Clavitherapy. In this method in case of severe illnesses whole skin is subjected to the influence of clavics gradually keeping precise algorithm and network of bio-cybernetic functions.

The first step in diagnosis and therapeutic procedure of Clavitherapy is “preliminary abreaction” on the skin of head being the primary stage of diagnosis and/or of therapy. Next step is stratified order of restoring of efficiency using whole surface of body. The therapy is carried on by clavics (Lat. clavus – nail) on the surface of skin, above anatomy of nervous system as well as on zones and biological active points including in this also acupuncture points. Clavitherapy generates by stimulation of neurophysiological- dermovisceral reflex onto group of receptors: dermatom, further across neurochemical mediators/transmitters generates bio-cybernetic control/steering of neurotom, miotom and sklerotom. Through the mediation of nervous system it is possible to steer repairing of organisms on sub-cellular endogenic level. Described process of bio-cybernetic steering through nervous system permits precisely and complementary regulation of: cytokins, complements, interferons, endorphins and other endogenic factors to which other known therapeutic methods still do not have repairing access.

Clavitherapy and infectious diseases

Clavitherapy uses the same diagnostic procedures of infectious diseases as in official medicine. Effective treatment by clavitherapy depends on natural “supplies/sources” of human organism, therefore, effective reconstruction and modulation of immune system is the first step.

Immunomodulation process in Clavitherapy goes on under mediation and supervision of the nervous system, for this reason the therapeutic steps begin just from abreaction of central, peripheral and vegetative nervous systems. In order to reconstruct and modulate immune system, abreaction of the whole nervous system is carried once daily through a period of 2-3 weeks. Two times daily (by 2-3 weeks) clavics are used to stimulate points (on both side of the body)like: haemopoesis, immunological, cortisone, detoxification, bone marrow stimulation, liver activity. In severe sickness – in order to reconstruct resistance system clavics should be applied on whole surface of skin with special concentration above large bones and joints of human body. Steering by clavics makes possible to direct immune cells, antibodies, cytokins, interferons and other different factors/mediators to ill organs for fast fighting of infections.