"Anna is an amazing professional, she has a huge and resourceful knowledge and useful life experience! Her positive attitude and her amazing energy fills you up with joy and willingness to face your weaknesses and challenges your life brings you!"
"I would like to highly recommend! Professionalism, passion and a huge knowledge range about natural therapies and hirudotherapy!
"I have now been on the Ayurvedic detox for 4 months now and several products from Ania's shop helped me stay focused and not lose interest in the process. Every time I pop in, something else catches my eye. Anna has great knowledge of health issues and nutrition and she is always happy to offer advice. She has introduced me to several products, from an organic liquid soap, though sugar- & dairy-free chocolates to a fantastic range of Ayurvedic teas. At the start of my journey Anna recommended a great book explaining Ayurvedic principles and suggesting various remedies, then she was always ready to advise me on different herbs and supplements. I would strongly recommend popping in, you will be amazed by the range of products on offer and welcomed with an ever-present smile 🙂 Thank you for opening this shop".
"Ania is the most positive and enthusiastic person I know. I met her about a year ago when I have been struggling with some marriage difficulties. She helped me develop skills in using affirmations and managing my emotions. She taught me about chakras and many other useful topics. She inspired me to read variety of books and try out new forms of meditations. With the help of Q we worked together on diagnosing and healing some of my family issues and over the last year things have not only greatly improved but I have also developed personally and spiritually. Big big thank you for all you help and for being my mentor."
"Five stars are definitely not enough. Big bows for Anna, for the knowledge she has and also transferring it to other people! After yesterday's Body Scan with Anna my eyes have finally opened to what condition my body is in. The doctors have been telling me everything was fine, although I did not feel like it and the Body Scan has just confirmed all my doubts considering my health. I have also received many useful tips and what I could do to improve my health. So now I will be a bit more disciplined and follow the guidelines and I am sure it will all improve!"
"Sensational service, and thank you for beautiful and simple explanations on the actions I have got to take to improve the functioning of my body... I recommend 100% ."
"Anne is of great help and the staff here are wonderful and their products are the best on the market :)"

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