Bioresonance blood analysis


Now it is possible! Multisoft Bicom is a new era in the field of bio-resonance in both the diagnosis and therapy.

Rapid and non-invasive method already available in Bradford!
As the first in the country we have the device BICOM MULTISOFT , which allows us a full diagnosis of blood on the spot in our institution (you can get your appointment by simply calling us) as well as by sending us a sample of blood taken from the finger.

As a result, we can effectively diagnose parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergies and load vaccines and heavy metals. Determination of the pathogen can precisely match treatment and therapeutic treatments that make symptoms disappear, and we will fully enjoy the health and well-being.

You’re tired of ailments for which the doctor can not remedy? Do not wait until today to select one of the feasibility study and enjoy your health.

How to do it? Nothing could be easier! Choose one of the options:

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Bio resonance method is an amazing leap of science twenty-first century, and at the same time is one of the latest achievements of modern medicine. During the test, the resonance pathological (sick) organ emits a field of frequencies corresponding to the physiological (natural) of our body. Most currently existing disease is mainly caused parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, heavy metals, cholesterol or body acidity. In contrast, treatment of the parasites is the first step in the struggle for the restoration of our full balance.

After downloading, sending and examination of blood samples (waiting time for results is about 4 to 5 weeks) you will get the results of resonance for all pathogens (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi), allergens basic load of heavy metals, load vaccines and description of information about treatment options and prevention.

After placing an order you will receive a set of self-downloadable blood and a questionnaire which is necessary to perform the research. Next step is to reference samples to our office the aim of sending it to the lab.


Checks frequencies at which resonance occurs between the sample and the hardware, which indicates the presence of a pathogen (bacteria, virus etc.).
Over the past four decades, biologists and physicians began to record the frequency emitted by the cells of living organisms, and concluded that each of them has its own individual pattern of vibrations. During testing, the frequency of the most well-known substances and pathogens are measured in the blood sample. Once detected, it will broadcast “resonance”, testifying to the presence of the wanted individual.